JUST SOLD 39 2500 152 STREET

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My beautiful fiancé Yana and I recently sold our townhouse and bought a house! We added a move to our already very full plate of planning for our wedding this Summer. Not to mention Yana recently started in a new role at Surrey memorial. We are moving in less than a month and have been packing in the occasional free hour here and there in the evenings. In some ways I am sad to see our townhouse go. This townhouse was our first property purchase together just a little over 2 years ago. It was also our first renovation project. We completely renovated this place and moved into it within 2 months of getting the keys. When we first purchased the place I thought Yana was going to leave me. This place had mint blue walls, patterned carped, brass everything and so on. It looked like 1987 threw up all over it. I saw the potential in the place and had faith. Yana however had very little faith and had a hard time seeing the potential. However, fortunately (and luckily for me) she had lots of faith in me.

This project was a huge stepping stone in our relationship. Not only did we accomplish what we set out to do, (which nobody else said could be done on our tight line and budget). We truly leant how to work together as a team and to pull together to make things happen. Anybody that has ever done a renovation knows how stressful, time consuming and how much you can argue with your partner. Yana and I didn’t fight at all. We just made it work and got things done. We fully rebuilt each inch of this place from the roughed in plumbing to Yana’s back lit make up mirror.

We take a lot of pride in what we built here and we are sad so see it go but at the same time we are excited to move into our new home! Can’t wait to see what the future brings. 

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